Our mission:

Clay Community Foundations, LLC will provide supports motivate, and encourage individuals to their highest level of independence. We value the recognition of self-worth, self-empowerment, and personal choice. We shall support and assist each individual to remain connected to their natural support network while empowering individuals to make informed decisions using person-centered planning.

We believe all individuals deserve the good things in life! Specifically, we believe you deserve:

  • To be treated as a unique person with gifts and talents to share with others.
  • To be made aware of choices.
  • To be motivated and encouraged by others.
  • Access to the "sites of everyday life."
  • Opportunities and expectations to discover and develop skills, abilities, gifts, and talents.
  • Friends and small group participation.
  • To be in a safe environment where everyone's contribution is recognized as valuable.
Clay Community Foundations, LLC
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